Zera Productions  is an entertainment  company that produces plays, films, music and comedy productions. Since its inception in 2010, Zera Productions has staged stellar stage plays, films and entertainment productions. 


Gbadero is the  Creative Director of Zera Production. He is a comedian, writer, film producer, theatre director and producer who has successfully staged and produced several theatre productions in the United Kingdom.

Prior to Zera Production's inception, Gbadero had acted in a couple of plays - ‘Man on the Cross’ and ‘Olurombi’. After basking in the euphoria of those productions, he knew that he wanted to stage more plays. However, with no experience or knowledge of how to either write or stage a play, he hoped and prayed that there would be other productions I would take part in.

It was on the back of this waiting period that Zera Production was born.  A close friend of his needed an African folklore (titled ‘Moremi’) adapted into a stage play, to be used to teach Risk Management in both small and large corporations. To his surprise, his friend took the play he had written so seriously and went on to use it as an educational aid to teach risk management at Rolls Royce, United Nations (Italy) and Aviva Insurance.

It was whilst doing this that he stumbled on the idea of Zera's first stage production, ‘One Last Cry’, which he wrote, directed and produced. The play was staged in October 2010 at the former St. George’s Theatre, Tufnell Park London, to an audience of approximately 500. The following year, Gbadero staged another production titled ’42 Weeks’ which he wrote, directed and produced. In 2012, Gbadero staged yet another play titled ‘Nana’ partnering with a number of organizations such as London Metropolitan Police, House on the Rock and Anti-Slavery Foundation to raise awareness of human trafficking. Staged to a sold-out audience of over eight hundred people, ‘Nana’ was written, produced and directed by Gbadero Lahanmi. In 2016, he wrote, directed and produced another stage play, ‘Unbroken’ at Stratford Circus Theatre. This was swiftly followed by ‘Ajegunle The Musical in 2017, which was well received and sold out. Last year Gbadero staged and produced Turn Up, a festive night of gospel music and comedy brough UK’s headliners.