GROUP 13-16

20TH AUGUST 2020 11:00AM- 12:00PM 


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Getting Soup

My Story

My name is Akudo Agokei and I trained at Leith's School of Food & Wine. For the most part, I am self-taught. I started my career as a Data Analyst and later discovered I had a passion for cooking, so I decided to pursue it.  After a few years of 17 hour-long days of training, working at a few restaurants and hosting my own events, I started my own business; the KEDU cookery school and chef training centre. The vision being, to provide affordable cooking classes to people in the West Midlands, and affordable, in-depth training and food business development for young aspiring chefs.

About My Course

Join me and learn the secret behind cooking one of West Africa's tasty delicacies - Chicken Pepper Soup,  a spicy soup with a light, watery texture.