GROUP 17- 19

22ND AUGUST 2020 12:00 PM- 1:00PM

Belgi Alidor

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My Story

Belgi is a filmmaker who advocates for the Christian voice by telling their stories in the UK. He seeks to provide a qualitative Judeo-Christian, audio-visual narrative to counter that of the popular media.

As representative of the younger generation, he has a burden to capture the workings of God through the lives of believers in various spheres of influence. Belgi’s vision is to see the message of Christ shared broadly across mainstream media, as well as to take advantage of the available social media platforms to introduce the gospel to the next generation.

He is employed as producer of videos and various audio-visual materials, by Christian Concern, the campaign organisation advocating for the religious rights and protection of Christians in the UK and a member of the Together for the Nation coalition.

About My Course

Belgi will take you on a journey of discovery where you will explore some great filming and editing tips such that, regardless of your equipment, students will be able to make great quality videos.