GROUP 17-19

21ST AUGUST 2020 12:00PM- 1:00PM 

Olaolu Opebiyi

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My Story

Olaolu is a Consultant, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Writer, Speaker, Mentor, Husband and Father. Having graduated as an Electrical/Electronics Engineer, he has since moved into the field of Information Technology and currently works as a Consultant in the City of London, UK.  Olaolu fondly called ‘FAJ’ by some of his friends, is passionate about sharing truth in simplicity, and believes that great change can spring from little insight.

About My Course

The course on creativity explores the 7 C's that are essential to bringing an idea or product to life. You will learn how to pass ideas through these 7 steps and come out with a product that dominates in its market. These techniques are proven and have been used by world leading brands in their product development processes.