One Last Cry

Written, directed and produced my debut theatrical play ‘One Last Cry’. Nora and Dee are sisters who live and work together. Nora is a successful chiropractor who is single, in her early thirties and has not dated anyone of the opposite sex for quite a while. Nora’s elder sister Dee is a divorcee and just recently got out of her failed marriage. One Friday morning, both sisters talk about their plans for the weekend. Nora is looking forward to a fun-filled weekend with her friend Queen who is married and pregnant. Whilst the highlight of Dee’s weekend is a day out with their mother fondly called “mommy” who always get her way. Mommy on the other hand has stepped up her plans for Nora to get affianced to Iheanacho this weekend. Iheanacho aka ‘Nachos’ is the son of a dear friend. As far as mommy is concerned Iheanacho is the ONE and she will stop at nothing to see her dreams come true. Queen who is in the UK on holiday has come to spend this weekend with her friend Nora. She has discovered the real blue print for being a happy single lady through her own unique experience which makes an impression on both Nora and Dee. As the clouds of mommy’s hatched plans begin to hover over what promises to be a fun-filled weekend; egos clash, tempers flare and hearts are crushed. The climax of mommy’s plan is to send Iheanacho to Nora’s house to propose to her and mommy always gets her way, or does she? It is against this back drop that Nora must choose to either descend into the abyss of hopelessness dug up by her mother or cling to the ray of hope that her friend Queen offers her.